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North Seaweed B.V. is a company focused on the use of seaweed in animal feed

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North Seaweed B.V. is a company focused on the use of seaweed in animal feed. Over the years, the company has gathered knowledge and experience, which has led, among other things, to the development of various animal feed products. Their seaweed and seaweed-based products were already GMP+ certified, but recently North Seaweed also received Skal’s organic certification. Hessel Altenburg, founder of North Seaweed, explains what this means for his company and for the seaweed industry.

What requirements do you have to meet to be certified organic?

The legislation for organic seaweed includes various (extra) requirements. These requirements contribute to the conservation of biodiversity and the maintenance of a healthy aquatic environment. The producers of the seaweed must therefore, among other things, have a sustainable management plan with detailed data on the environmental impact of the company.

What is the advantage for your company to be certified organic?

By obtaining the organic certificate, we can now also provide organic livestock farmers with seaweed and our seaweed-based products. Seaweed is a good source of organically bound minerals and trace elements, which is of interest to many organic livestock farmers. In addition, our trials showed that the correct use of seaweed increased intestinal health as well as more efficient production.

What do you see as a great potential?

We have shown in several trials that the use of certain types of seaweed affected the final product. For example, we saw a shift in the amount of unsaturated fatty acids in the milk of cows which were fed seaweed. Also chickens fed with seaweed resulted not only in better intestinal health, but also in an increased amount of egg yolk and the general egg quality remains at a higher level as the laying period progresses.

Due to the improved quality of the end-products, we believe that organic livestock farming can distinguish itself by using organic seaweed and our seaweed based feed products.

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